Weddings / Events

Weddings / Events

Let Sosij plan your special occasion for you, bringing you the finest in bbq and smoked meats, fantastic “Ottolenghi” style salads in great big sharing platter style dishes for everyone to share.

The days of plated and over formal dinners are behind us, have more fun with delicious display pieces shared between groups for everybody to pick what they like (or to go back for more) there are no limits!


Choose from 3 of the following:

Aromatic Moroccan smoked and pulled lamb shoulder

Salmon smoked on cedar wood planks with an apple glaze

Smoked Meatloaf stuffed with Mac and Cheese

Handmade Texas hot link sausages

Crispy pork belly slow cooked in ginger beer

Ancho chilli and coffee rub smoked beef brisket

And a choice of 3 of the sides:

Spiced chickpea and cous cous salad with pomegranate, dates, almond and mint

Jalapeno slaw with a coriander and lime dressing

Roasted heritage carrots, harissa, omega seed dukkah

Roasted Cornish new potato salad, toasted corn and a chorizo dressing

Charred broccoli, green beans, peas and sugar snaps with an orange, soy and honey reduction

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